Low prices for tires are driving lower prices for retailers selling used tires.

The retail tire inventory is also lower than last year, and a higher number of new tires are being bought.

The latest data released by Tire Rack, a tire inventory tracking service, showed the average price of a new used tire was $1,054, down $23 from last year.

The average price for a used tire in November was $2,716.

The discount tire price, meanwhile, was $10.39, up $10 from last month.

The new average price was $3,836.

A used tire is generally priced below its retail price, and the low prices are creating a demand for used tires in many areas, especially in the East Coast.

Low prices are also driving a surge in used tires at used tire stores.

The average price on used tires was $719, up from $695 in October.

That’s up $3 from last October.

The number of used tires sold increased by 20 percent.

The total inventory is down by 30 percent compared to last year’s pace.

The biggest decline in used tire inventory was at the tire depot.

The price for used tire on-sale increased by almost $200 to $1.96 million, a 40 percent increase from October.

The National Tire Dealers Association said a major factor driving the price decline is the trend of people driving their own vehicles to the used tire depot to get used tires repaired.

The tire depot is a huge market, with thousands of used tire dealers in many states.

Many of the stores are located near big airports, which are used tire factories, and are used to having a higher inventory.

The industry is also in a slump.

Tire prices are down more than 20 percent from the last year due to a weak economy, but a lot of retailers are still getting their tires fixed.

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