Glass, the smartwatch and smart phone that Google launched in 2013, is already being embraced by businesses and consumers.

But a lot of the excitement is due to what it can do for drivers, including providing real-time information on road conditions.

Today, Glass is being used by thousands of people to check weather, road conditions and traffic.

Here’s what we know so far.

What is Glass?

Glass is an augmented reality device that is made by Google.

It’s basically a small computer that uses an accelerometer and gyroscope to display maps, directions and traffic information in a virtual reality world.

The Google Glass system works by tracking the position of the user’s eyes and moving them in real-world space.

The glasses also can capture 360-degree photos and videos, and can even communicate with other Glass-enabled devices via Bluetooth.

It uses a high-resolution camera with a laser autofocus to capture the entire field of view.

Glass can display real-estate information, such as street names, car-size parking spaces, road markings and the like.

A driver’s Glass also lets them see real-life traffic, traffic conditions, and even road signs.

This lets people know if traffic is getting worse or better than normal, and it lets them decide if it’s safe to go on a trip.

Glass also lets people zoom in and out to see where other people are driving or where they are looking, and the system can also tell the difference between a car’s speed and how fast it is moving.

This is useful for people who want to be able to see when cars are on the road ahead and when they’re driving to avoid hitting a car.

The other big advantage for Glass is that it can detect when a driver has a medical condition, and automatically turn the system off.

This means that if a driver’s condition becomes critical, Glass can immediately turn off the system.

This has been useful for accident victims who are on medical leave.

There are a lot more applications for Glass that we’re still figuring out, but it’s already being used in real life by a lot people.

Here are a few examples:Uber is working with Google to use Glass to make sure that people using Uber are able to report dangerous drivers, and to ensure that people who are not part of Uber are also able to share their location with Uber.

A number of cities have already announced plans to use this technology to make it easier for people to report suspicious drivers, even if they’re not driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is also developing Glass-based technology to help it find people in accidents.

Uber has partnered with Google and Microsoft to test Glass for safety purposes.

The first Glass driver was wearing the device at the time of a crash in which a person died.

In October, Google tested Glass at a driver training event in Boston.

This led to Google getting the approval of the National Highway Safety Administration to use the device to record its video and audio for the safety of other drivers.

The agency said it has already approved more than 1,000 use-case scenarios, which includes an Uber driver who has a fractured hip that causes him to lose his leg.

The National Transportation Safety Board is working on a plan to use GPS data from Glass to improve air quality and provide more accurate road conditions in areas of the world with severe drought.

Glass also can track the location of drivers who have been drinking.

Glass could also be used to identify cars that are in the middle of a turn, and for other purposes.

Here are some other applications Glass has already shown itself useful in:Driverless carsGoogle has already been working with Uber to develop a pilot project to test out driverless cars.

Google’s pilot project is expected to be rolled out in 2021.

In addition, Google is also testing Glass-equipped cars at a number of test tracks in China.

Google has also been testing a pilot program to allow cars to be controlled remotely.

The company is also using Google Glass to test autonomous vehicle technology in the United States, where it is working to make self-driving cars safer for everyone.

Google has also partnered with Ford to make autonomous vehicles for autonomous vehicles in China, which could have the potential to make cars less prone to human error.

Glass can even be used for driverless shopping at the supermarket.

Google recently partnered with Walgreens to test a “smart shopping bag” system that allows customers to scan their shopping cart and order online without having to go through a checkout line.

In China, Walgroses is testing a similar system, but with Glass.

The Glass team has also begun testing a driverless car to help reduce road rage in urban areas.

In September, Google partnered with the city of Palo Alto to test an autonomous car on the streets of the city, and in October, it partnered with Amazon to test its own driverless vehicle in California.

In July, Google announced that it was developing an augmented-reality application that will allow

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