The US tire industry is preparing to launch new low- profile products this year, as part of a campaign aimed at getting people to buy more low- and mid-range treadmills.

The new products, which will be rolled out at retailers and in stores, will help improve performance of the tires used in electric vehicles and trucks. 

A US tire distributor has announced a range of low-priced low-performance tires to help make electric vehicles more appealing to consumers. 

“We’re working with our partners to offer our customers the choice to purchase low-performing, mid-performance and high-performance products at a discounted price,” the US Tire and Rubber Association said in a statement. 

The new low profile products will be offered by three tire retailers and two retail partners.

They include TireGateway, which is one of the largest retail partners in the US. 

Low-profile tires are used in EVs, and the company said its low profile tire range will include treadmilling and tire repairs. 

TireGateway said that it would offer the Low-Profile Tire line of tires to all customers who are between 20 and 29 years old. 

In a separate statement, TireGateways parent company, RNR Tire Inc., said its Low-Performance Tire line will also be available to its customers. 

While the new products have yet to be officially announced, it has been speculated that the new lines of products would include some of the same technologies as the existing low profile tires. 

As part of the launch of the Low Profile Tire range, the company will also offer a selection of low performance tires at an introductory price of $69.99. 

One of the new tires, the Low Power Road, is available at a starting price of only $49.99, and is available to customers who have an electric vehicle.

The Low Power Tire line is a “more durable, less expensive alternative to high performance tires”, the company added. 

RNR Tire said that the Low Performance Tire line would be available at all of its stores by the end of the year.

The low-quality and high price of low profile tyres have been a concern for many people, as they have led to a decline in the market share of electric vehicles. 

However, the companies that are manufacturing the low profile wheels, as well as tire manufacturers like Pirelli, have been able to cut costs by using the technology. 

Pirelli said it is exploring a range in the future, including offering low profile treadmill products at an even lower price point.

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