Now Playing: Honda Civic: All the news you need to know about the 2018 Honda Civic and its upcoming 2018 model year Now Playing- Honda Civic gets the ‘K’ for luxury Now Playing…

How to get the most out of the 2018 Civic: the latest news Now Playing– Honda Civic owner says he didn’t see the warning lights from the headlights on his car when it was stolen Now Playing— Honda Civic sales surge as the car maker sells more of the cars Now Playing—– Honda Civic is selling more than 50,000 vehicles, but the company says it’s on track to sell just 30,000 this yearNow Playing—The 2018 Honda Accord has one of the most luxurious interior designs of any car on the market Now Playing—- Honda Civic hits new sales record for the first time ever with the introduction of the All-Terrain vehicleNow Playing—-New Honda Civic SUV comes with an automatic gearbox and a new front passenger seatNow Playing–What you need know about a new 2018 Honda CR-V Now Playing——-What you should know about your new 2018 Civic now Playing–Honda Civic buyers will get a free 3-month trial of the Civic Now Playing———-Honda CR-Vs are the most popular cars in the U.S. Now Playing——————————What you’ll need to check out if you want a new Honda CivicNow Playing———-Why Honda is using a rear spoiler for its 2018 Civic sedanNow Playing-Honda Honda CRV gets new rear spoilerNow Playing————-How to get your 2018 Honda Odyssey from Honda Now Playing—————What to do if you suspect someone is driving your new Honda Odyssey

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