By Chris Walker / Staff reporterThe world’s biggest tyre maker, Atd, has announced a new product that uses the company’s own “smart” technology to convert between different types of treads.

Atd tires use a combination of sensors and “smart technology” to provide users with information about the tread, according to the company.

They are the latest in a long line of products that have used smart technology.

The company’s smart technology enables the tread to react to pressure changes and the road surface to change according to other forces.

The tire is not equipped with a steering wheel or other sensors, but can react to the road ahead.

The treads can be replaced by other types of tires, including tread mats, which the company says are cheaper and more flexible than traditional rubber tyres.

At the moment, the company is developing an “Atd-T” tyre, which will be introduced in 2018.

The company has previously launched a “TireTec” tyre that is similar to the Atd- T.

It also makes tires that use sensors to track the road conditions ahead.

Tire conversion is a technology that is being used to replace tires on cars.

Tire conversion, a technology developed by Atd and Toyota, allows the tyres to be changed from rubber to rubber or from rubber only to rubber only.

A tire is a type of rubber tyre made of two or more layers of rubber that can be bonded together to make a more durable surface.

It is a method of rubber conversion that uses two or three materials to create a stronger rubber, which can then be stretched and stretched again.

It is an advanced process.

It can also be used for tire replacement, said Atd spokesperson Ralf Meissner.

The tire conversion is the latest development in Atd’s tire technology.

The Japanese firm has been using this technology to create “smart tyres” that can change from a rubber tyre to a softer one.

The technology has also been used to create tyres that have “smart rubber” coating, which helps reduce road wear and increase durability.

The coating is a coating that can alter the surface properties of a tyre, and the result is a tyre that can absorb the forces of the road.

Atdr’s technology was originally developed to convert rubber to a “smart tyre” but was expanded into a “thermal management” product, which is used in vehicles.

The thermo management product uses a heating element to change the rubber properties of the tyre, Meiss, the Atdr spokesperson, said.

“We are developing an Atdr-T tyre that has a new thermo-management technology that will be in the new 2018 model year,” Meiss said.

The “smart tire” technology will be a new category of technology, Meiscner added.

“It is the technology of the future, as you can see with our tyre technology.”

Meiss added that the new tyre is an improvement on the technology that has already been developed.

The Atd tire conversion technology is not new to the world of auto tyres.

Earlier this year, the UK company announced it had developed a technology called “smart treads”, which allow its tyres to adapt to road conditions.

The treads were designed to act as sensors that are able to react and react and act on the road, according the company, with the goal of reducing wear and reducing the wear on the treads in the future.

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