When the weather is warm, the roads are paved and the traffic is light, you can ride your motorcycle or car on the open road.

But in the winter, when it’s cold and snowy, the conditions can be too treacherous.

So how to prepare for winter in India?

Read MoreAs a result, India has a large population of motorcycle riders, and many of them are stuck in traffic and can’t afford to buy a car.

The problem is that many of these vehicles are made of cheap parts and are prone to break down in winter.

There are several options to deal with the winter conditions, such as buying an expensive motorcycle or SUV.

Here are five affordable motorcycle and car options to choose from.1.

Honda CBR250R/250X2.

Suzuki R650C3.

Suzuki GSX-R5004.

Kawasaki ZX-10R5.

Suzuki KLR650CWith winter in its infancy, India is still in its early stages.

It has been a rough patch for India’s motorcycling industry over the last few years.

The government has started to implement measures, such to reduce the number of fatalities, but the trend is still a long way off.

In India, the Suzuki R350 has become the top motorcycle in terms of sales, with an annual sales volume of approximately 4 million.

Its popularity is still strong, with the Suzuki model still making up about 90% of the market.

The Suzuki R500 is a well-known bike in India, with a steady increase in sales.

In 2017, it had a market value of Rs 4,000 crore, according to data from Motorcycle Industry Association of India (MII), a trade body for motorcycle manufacturers.

The CBR 250R/500X is the best motorcycle in India.

Its range of 400cc and 500cc versions are available in four engine configurations: standard, supercharged, super supercharged and all-electric.

Its price is also very affordable.

In 2018, Suzuki introduced the GSXR500, a supercharged version of the CBR.

It’s a very popular bike in the Indian market.

It also has a strong following in the US, where it is the top selling motorcycle in 2018.

The GSXS is the most expensive motorcycle in the world, with its range of 300cc and 400cc models costing over Rs 5,000,000.1 / 6 The Yamaha FZ1 at a show in Mumbai in 2018 (Courtesy: Reuters)The Suzuki GS-R is also a popular bike, especially among motorcycle riders.

Its name was chosen by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who made it his own in 2016.

It features an electric motor that generates over 100 horsepower.

It is a popular model in India with its high performance.

In 2016, Suzuki made the Suzuki GS500 a super-charged version, which is a higher-powered version of its current CBR350 and is also the top-selling motorcycle in 2017.

It retails for around Rs 2.5 crore.

The Yamaha Fazza and the Kawasaki FZX-7 both make great motorcycle models, with excellent ride quality.

The Kawasaki offers the most comfortable riding experience.

The FZ is the Japanese version of an American motorcycle.

The FZ1000 is a two-wheeler with a high performance engine, powered by a single motor.

The Kawasaki is a lightweight bike, with lightweight materials, but it has a high price tag.

The price of the Kaw is about Rs 6,000 per 100 kilometres.

The Honda FZ-10, a two wheelser with an electric engine, is also popular in India and sells well.

It offers a comfortable ride, but its price is about double that of the FZ.

The Subaru BRZ is an excellent motorcycle.

It comes with a battery, and the suspension can be changed easily.

It can also be modified to a sportsbike.

The Baja 1000 is a very good bike.

It looks good, has good suspension and is very fuel efficient.

It sells very well, especially in India where fuel prices are high.

The best option is to get the Subaru BR-Z, which has the best price-to-performance ratio in India as compared to the other models.

Read More1 / 5 Yamaha Fizia, a superb motorcycle at the 2017 IFA show in Milan, Italy (Courtesy of Yamaha Motorcycles)The Honda CB250R is an affordable motorcycle, with high fuel efficiency.

It makes a great motorcycle, and is the cheapest motorcycle in Indian market, according the Suzuki database.

The CBR300, which makes up the range of the Suzuki FZ, sells for around R6,000 and has a range of around 300cc.

The Honda CB500 and CB550 are similar to the CB500, but they have higher fuel efficiency, which make them ideal for motorcycle riders in India like me.

The KLR has also been popular in the country, with Suzuki and Kawasaki models

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