25 Things to Know Tire load index: The number of times the tire has been loaded.

Tire tread depth: The depth of the tire in millimeters.

Tire sidewall diameter: The diameter of the sidewall, in millimeter.

Wheelbase: The distance between the wheel and the center of the rim, in inches.

Tire width: The width of the wheel in millimeters.

Wheel radius: The radius of the center wheel of the vehicle.

Tire diameter: A measurement of the diameter of a wheel in inches, measured from the widest point to the smallest point.

Tire pressure: The pressure of the tires inside the tire, measured in pounds per square inch.

Tire life: How long the tire will last after being subjected to normal wear and tear.

Tire wear: How often the tires are subjected to repeated normal wear.

Tire rubber: The type of rubber used in the tire.

Tire size: The overall size of the tread.

Tire color: The color of the rubber.

Tire material: The material used to make the tire (usually plastic).

Tire type: A type of tire used in vehicles.

Tire tire: The part of the car that’s used to cushion the front tires when the vehicle is being driven.

Tire manufacturer: A vehicle manufacturer.

Tire brand: The brand or name of the manufacturer of a tire.

Wheel width: Wheel width in millimeters.

Tire height: Height in milli-meters.

Width in milligrams.

Wheel diameter: Wheel diameter in milliliters.

Tire depth: Width of the inner rim of the road surface, in mm.

Tire lug width: Width in mm of the outer rim of a vehicle’s wheels.

Tire weight: The amount of weight that the tire can carry on a wheel.

Tire type (type): A type or design of tire.

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