Toyota says its new fuel efficiency figures are better than its predecessor, but it is facing a growing problem with the fuel economy of the Toyota Camry.

The automaker says the Camry has the lowest average fuel economy on record and the highest average miles per gallon in its lineup, but that doesn’t mean that’s the case with the Prius.

The Prius has a combined average fuel efficiency rating of 24.4 mpg, which is the same as the Camrys and Toyota Priuses.

The Prius is also the only plug-in hybrid car on the market with an average fuel consumption rating of 34.7 mpg.

The new Toyota Camrys, however, have an average of 31.6 mpg and an average miles-per-gallon of 34 mpg which are much higher than the Priuses and Camrys combined.

The Toyota Camries and Priuses combined average is 31.2 mpg in the city and 32.1 mpg on the highway, compared to the combined average of 30.7 miles per year.

According to Toyota, its fuel efficiency numbers are much better than the average of 36.4 and 30.6 miles per mile in the Priuz.

The company said it would provide more details about its fuel economy in the next few weeks.

Toyota has faced criticism from automakers that say it is losing market share to hybrids and plug-ins.

The company says its Prius hybrids and Prius Prius plug-IN vehicles have been around longer than any other vehicles.

Toyotas sales declined 8.9% in the first quarter of 2018, but the company is hoping that this will be the start of a turnaround in sales as it focuses on sales of the Priuse.

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