A tire company is developing an environmentally friendly tire that uses hydrogen in the tire, eliminating emissions and improving the way people drive their vehicles.

It’s the kind of environmentally friendly technology that is already used in cars, trucks, and buses.

The company, Hankook Tire, said it will offer a hydrogen-based tire in 2019.

The technology is being developed by a team of automotive engineers, including a former president of the California Air Resources Board, who said the hydrogen-fueled tires would have to be replaced in many cases because they can’t be replaced if they get hot.

It has been possible to make fuel-cell vehicles that are powered by hydrogen, but they require a huge amount of power, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

A hydrogen fuel cell produces hydrogen from hydrogen.

That fuel is a very cheap alternative, but it is very expensive to build and fuel.

Hankook said its hydrogen fuel-based tires could save an estimated $500,000 in fuel costs for vehicles.

The hydrogen-powered tires would also reduce emissions, according a Hankook spokesperson.

They would also help drivers avoid the dangerous side effects of driving at high speeds.

Hankoukes tires are a better alternative than regular tires because they are designed to be used at high temperatures.

The tires are designed so that they won’t break or rust, the spokesperson said.

But the tires will last longer because they use a thin, flexible material that absorbs the heat from a vehicle, and they will also be more durable.

They will also help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is released by vehicles as they run on gasoline and diesel, according the Hankook team.

The tire will be made of anhydrogen oxide, which is a much cleaner form of the gas than the other fuels.

The team also said the tires would save energy because they would reduce the heat energy released by the tire as well as the energy required to warm the tire.

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