If you’ve ever wondered if a penny tire can handle the kind of grip that’s necessary for long-distance travel, the Penny is here to tell you.

The Penny Tire is a new tire that will work on all the best tires. 

The Penny Tire was first announced at the Penny Car Show in New York in February. 

Its debut came at the end of September and the company is hoping to roll out the Penny in the coming weeks. 

As of now, the new Penny tire has a tread depth of 0.9mm, a compression rating of 2.0 psi, and a maximum load rating of 600 lb-ft. 

To put that into perspective, a 0.8mm tire weighs about the same as a 10-pound (4.5 kg) sack of potato chips. 

“It’s the smallest tire you could possibly ever want to ride on,” Penny co-founder Chris Sargent told Wired.

“We’ve been doing the tire research for over 20 years and we’ve got the biggest, most accurate data on the world.” 

Sargent added that the Penny tires will be a good fit for most road and track surfaces.

“It’ll fit on asphalt, on gravel, on mud, and on ice,” he said. 

Sargent says the Penny tire is designed to work on both wet and dry conditions.

“We’ve designed the tire to work in all types of weather,” Sargant explained.

“So we can make it really light, it can work in the snow, it’ll work on ice, and it’ll be the perfect tire for when you’re at the beach and you want to have the ultimate traction on sand or ice.”

Sargant says that the new tire will be available in various tire sizes, but that the smallest will be around 0.5mm. 

When asked how he felt about the Penny, Sarget said, “The Penny tire was a great experience.

I had such a great time on the test ride, and we got to ride it on my Harley.

The tire did a great job of keeping me on my feet.” 

The new Penny Tire will be sold exclusively through Penny’s online store, but you can also get it at a Penny tire dealer or at Penny Tire dealers around the world.

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