Japanese manufacturers are coming up with new and innovative ways to keep your tyres looking good.

A pair of Michelin tyres are being put through their paces by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in order to test the safety of a new kind of tyre which is designed to last in the winter.

The tyres are called Dunlop-X2, and they are being tested by the Ministry of Transportation, Land and Infrastructure and the Metropolitan Government, according to Japanese media.

They are made by the Dunlops subsidiary of Japanese tyre giant Mitsubishi.

The new tyre is made of aluminium and has a specially designed tread which is lighter than conventional rubber.

It is being tested at a location in Tokyo, where the city’s winter roads are being closed during the winter months.

The tyre, made by Michelin, has a tread which weighs more than 20 grams (1.3 ounces) and is lighter and more flexible than other types of tyres.

It is designed for road surfaces such as snow and ice.

In Japan, tyre manufacturers have been experimenting with new tyre materials and techniques in recent years.

Last year, the Japanese government announced a major new programme to test and certify new tyre compounds, including tyres from Dunlopy, Dunloptec and Dunloped.

Dunlop has previously been tested in the US, Australia, Germany, the UK and Canada.

It has been tested on a number of different roads and surfaces, including snow, ice, concrete and sand.

However, Michelin has yet to put a tyre through its paces in Japan, but a spokeswoman told the BBC it was looking forward to doing so.

“We will be testing the DunLops X2 in the Tokyo area over the next two weeks,” the spokeswoman said.

“It will be a test to ensure that it can be safely used on Tokyo’s winter roadways.”

She added that the tyre would also be tested on the Tokyo metro.

Japan has become a hub for tyre testing in recent months, with the government having been investigating ways to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities caused by winter tyres.

Michelin is a leading tyre supplier to the Japanese automotive industry, with a global presence in the fields of automotive, aerospace, aerospace products and energy.

Its tyres are used in everything from Formula 1 cars to electric vehicles.

They have become a key part of the automotive industry in recent times, with Mitsubishis and Dunlap products becoming a big part of Japanese automotive sales.

In 2013, the government set up a programme to assess the effectiveness of tyre compounds on winter road surfaces, as part of a programme designed to reduce casualties from the Japanese pandemic.

According to the Japan Times, Michelins tyre is being designed to be used on concrete and snow, and will be tested over a 12-week period in the city of Tokyo.

The company said it would use a variety of different materials to test it on different road surfaces.

“The DunlOP tyre is a tire that is designed specifically for winter road conditions, and it is also a tyre that is specially designed for the Tokyo metropolitan area.”

Therefore, it is an excellent choice for our testing programme,” Michelin said in a statement.”

There are no other suitable tyres available for testing, and so it will be the Dunlap tyre that will be used for this test.

“However, it will not be used in any kind of emergency conditions.”

“The testing of the tyre will take place on a dedicated and secure site,” Michelops spokeswoman Shingo Nakamura said.

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