Why are Palestinians so stingier than Israelis when it comes to buying tires?

The tire market in Israel is dominated by the tire companies, who make the tires used by most Israelis.

It’s a market that is still dominated by Israelis, but there is an opportunity for Palestinians to participate.

Since the beginning of the current war in the Gaza Strip, there have been a number of tire factories that have opened.

They specialize in selling tires for Israeli vehicles.

However, most of the tires sold in Israel are made by Palestinian companies.

There is no shortage of Palestinian tire factories in Israel, but it’s a rare sight in a country that is considered the most environmentally friendly in the world.

According to the Palestinian National Authority, Israel sells more than 20 percent of its tires to Palestinians.

Most of these tires are made in Palestinian factories, but also a few are imported from countries like China, Japan and Russia.

Palestinian tire makers have to be more conscientious in sourcing their tires from companies that are ethically owned.

However in some cases, it has resulted in tire companies being forced to change their tires.

The tire companies said that they will not make their tires unless there is a demand for them.

This is why Israeli tire companies are so stingless when it came to buying their tires in Israel.

The tires that are exported from Israel have a lower weight rating than the ones that are produced locally, which is why many Palestinians prefer to buy their tires locally.

In Israel, the tires are not made to the same standard as those produced locally.

They are not even made in the same factory as the ones made in Israel and can’t be used in Israel as well.

So it’s difficult for Palestinians in Israel to buy tires made in Israeli factories.

In order to make tires for Israelis, Palestinians have to buy a third-party company.

The Palestinian tire manufacturers in Israel said that the companies they buy from are not ethically and legally affiliated with the companies that produce the tires.

The Palestinian tire makers said that these companies do not have any connection to the Israeli companies that make the tire.

They said that it is up to the manufacturers to decide whether they want to sell their tires to Israelis or Palestinians.

This lack of consistency is a major concern for the Palestinians.

According the Palestinian tire maker, it’s very difficult to change tires made locally.

The Israeli companies said they are not obligated to change these tires if they want their profits.

The Palestinians also have to pay more for tires than Israeli consumers.

For example, the Palestinian consumer pays about $1,400 for a single tire, while the Israeli consumer pays $500.

In addition to this, the Palestinians also are charged for shipping tires overseas.

In fact, the price of the tire is one of the main reasons that Palestinians are unable to purchase Israeli tires in large quantities.

Palestinian tires have a weight rating of 10.5, which means that the tires must be shipped from an Israeli manufacturer.

This has created an incentive for Palestinians, who want to buy Israeli tires, to buy the tires from Israeli companies.

However, this is also not always the case.

Israeli tires can be imported from China and Russia, which have higher weight ratings.

So, it is difficult for the Palestinian consumers to purchase these tires.

This means that Palestinians have little choice but to buy from Israeli tires.

Israel’s Ministry of Transportation (MOT) has said that its aim is to increase the share of Israeli tires imported from these countries by 50 percent.

However this is not enough for Palestinians.

They say that they cannot buy their tire from these companies and that they would prefer to sell the tires directly to Israelis.

In recent years, Palestinian tire dealers in Israel have started to raise concerns about the tire factories.

However since then, the MOT has not taken any measures to tackle the problem.

According a Palestinian tire dealer, the current situation is a result of the inability of the Palestinian companies to produce their tires domestically.

It has also become a result that the Palestinian producers are not doing as good as they should be.

He said that Palestinian tire producers should be more efficient and that the government should take measures to increase their profit margins.

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