Tires that are rated for commuting on city streets are the most popular among the top-performing vehicles, according to a study from research firm Kelley Blue Book.

The research firm said that on city roads, the average vehicle rated as the best commuter tire by the Tire Rack index ranked No. 4.

However, for the most part, the top three ranked vehicles in the tire load and tire pressure gauges are also the best performers for the average commuter on the highway.

The study said that in addition to the performance for commuting, the tire can help keep the vehicle moving.

The best tires for commuting also have a wide range of use, from commuting on roadways to short-distance driving.

The tire load gauge also ranks high among the best drivers, with the average rated vehicle ranking at No. 7.

The survey also found that the average tire is a great value.

In fact, a typical commuter vehicle will have about three-quarters of its tire value spent on the tires, according the survey.

However the average value is a bit lower than the value of the average U.S. car, the survey said.

The average value of a typical highway driver is about $10,000, according Kelley Blue Books.

However a typical driver can save about $1,000 in tire costs, the report said.

The survey also said that drivers should be wary of brands that make the tires out of plastics.

The report said that a brand like Baskin-Robbins or Merck can make tires out the same materials and use a variety of chemicals to make them.

However it’s important to understand that those tires are often much softer and less durable than those made of rubber, the study said.

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