The wireless earphones that came out of CES last week aren’t the only ones making an appearance.

But they’re definitely the most popular of them all.

The Bluetooth 4.0 earphones, which cost $80 and offer the same wireless connectivity as the more expensive wireless earpieces, have quickly become the most widely available wireless earphone.

They’re the most expensive and most expensive-sounding earphones you can buy, which makes them a good deal, at least for a couple of reasons.

The most obvious reason is that the Bluetooth earphones are the cheapest wireless earmuffs on the planet.

But a new study shows that the more you spend on a pair of wireless earcups, the less you’ll be paying for them.

The study found that if you spend $1,000 on Bluetooth earbud, you’re likely to save $0.80 over the course of a year.

In other words, the more money you spend, the cheaper you’re getting.

But that’s not all.

In addition to saving you money, the research also found that people who have Bluetooth earpieces spend less time listening to music, which helps to decrease the frequency at which they hear it.

That means that the music you hear while you’re listening to your headphones is likely to be louder than the music that you hear when you’re wearing your earphones.

This also helps to explain why people who use Bluetooth earmuffers prefer them over their wired counterparts.

The researchers found that about a third of people who wear the earbudes said that they use them less frequently than the wired earbuddies.

The reason is pretty simple: The Bluetooth earpiece doesn’t have to be as quiet as your wired ear.

But if you’re looking to save money, you can’t afford to pay more.

Bluetooth earphone prices dropped by about 30% on January 4, 2016, according to data from Zappos, so the number of Bluetooth ear-phones on the floor of CES this year is at least 30% higher than last year.

For more on how to pick the right wireless earpiece, check out this article from Wired.

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