A new set of high-performance tyres has just been introduced by Dunlop, and it’s one that will help boost the performance of any car on the track.

Dunnop’s new S550R tyres are rated at 50km/h (31mph) top speed and are designed to deliver a top speed of over 90km/hr (65mph) at a very low level of grip, but this is far from ideal for the modern driver.

They come with a wide range of grip levels ranging from 0.8mm (0.2mm) to 5mm (1.2 mm) and are also available in a range of tread sizes.

This range of tyres is designed to be suitable for road-going, urban, track-day and track-racing use.

The tread sizes are designed for the track, meaning they can be used in the rain and snow, as well as on the grass and asphalt.

For the first time, Dunlops new tyres are available in two different tread sizes, the 0.9 and 1.2x, and these are both available with the DunlOP V8 engine option.

These tyres are also offered with DunlOPS Pro tires, and the new tyres come in a variety of tread and tire sizes.

Dunloles new tyres will also be available in Dunlopy’s Dunlopia® V8 tyre which is designed for urban use, while Dunloplays V8 tyres are designed specifically for track-race use.

These new Dunloping tyres are being offered in a wide variety of performance levels and tread sizes from 0mm (small), 0.5mm (medium) and 5mm(large).

They are designed by Dunlap, the company that has produced a number of tyre designs since the early 1970s.

Dynop’s tyre offerings will be available from April 2016.

The Dunlopes new tyres should prove very popular, especially in terms of performance, with Dunlap saying that they are a good choice for the car, track and road-race driver.

“The Dunlap V8 is an excellent choice for any driver and will offer a very responsive ride, while also providing the perfect balance of performance and comfort,” said Dunlope tyre designer, Alan McNamara.

“As an industry leader, we’re thrilled to be able to work with Dunhill and introduce the new Dunlap tyres for 2018, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with DunLop on our tyre design programmes.”

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