Which tires are the best for commuting and commuting on the road?

Tires that are rated for commuting on city streets are the most popular among the top-performing vehicles, according to a study from research firm Kelley Blue Book.The research firm said that on city roads, the average vehicle rated as the best commuter tire by the Tire Rack index ranked No. 4.However, for the most part, […]

How to save on tires, wheel and gear: a guide to finding bargains

The best deals on wheels, tyres and accessories in 2018 are on sale in 2018, and it’s not just for 2018.There’s plenty of bargains to look out for from 2018 that can make you a bargain hunter this year.For 2018, there’s plenty to look at on the bike, luggage and other gear front, too.Find the […]

How to find the best tires for your vehicle: 25 things to know

25 Things to Know Tire load index: The number of times the tire has been loaded.Tire tread depth: The depth of the tire in millimeters.Tire sidewall diameter: The diameter of the sidewall, in millimeter.Wheelbase: The distance between the wheel and the center of the rim, in inches.Tire width: The width of the wheel in millimeters.Wheel […]

Tire Load Index: Low prices are driving discount tires

Low prices for tires are driving lower prices for retailers selling used tires.The retail tire inventory is also lower than last year, and a higher number of new tires are being bought.The latest data released by Tire Rack, a tire inventory tracking service, showed the average price of a new used tire was $1,054, down […]

How to calculate how much to pay for a tire and tire load index

The following are two of the best tires you can buy for under $200.These are not cheap tires but they have been tested and proven by experts in the industry.We have tested them on our vehicles and found them to be the best on the market.Here is how to determine how much you should pay […]

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